There is not much to end 2015 . How will the new web trends in 2016? We ventured to teach that we think will be the upcoming trends in the web development or web designing. Have a look!

  1. Design out grid

With the responsive web design, we used grids as if there were no tomorrow. We have reached a point where all the sites considered “beautiful” match webs with large pictures in grids, thus ensuring that all look the same.

  1. Design with Custom Artwork

We believe it is already undermined the use of free, pay resource vectors graphics, both very recognizable, in 2016 will prevail creativity.

Illustration as grow as there is no better way to be unique or tell a story with the creative support of an illustrator. We show some examples of websites as illustrated, do not forget to click on the images to see the navigation and animations that each one of them.

  1. Using fonts as graphic resource

2016 promises as Google fonts catalog is growing day by day.

And in many cases, the creativity caries great weight in resolving some websites are used typefaces. is a great place to check for more upcoming trends.

We can see these trends:

  1. Large fonts
  2. Types of overlapping images
  3. Customized fonts
  4. Using artistic fonts on the web
  5. Telling stories through the web or use the “Storytelling”.

The act of narration comes from time immemorial, and it is a fact that any campaign to tell us a story, it will be easier to assimilate and to empathize with other campaigns advertising impacts.

  1. Continued use of semi-flat design

Since windows, pulled out his Metro style in 2013, the trend of flat desings has still maintained its usability problems.

Thence to the emergence of a middle or semi-flat trend will continue during the 2016 trend.

  1. Continuation of RWD (Responsive Web Design)

As I have already said more than once if your site is not responsive you’re falling behind. In fact since last April 21 does not open Google mobile web pages that are not responsive.

  1. The use of parallax

A couple of the websites mentioned above are already used parallax on their websites. The parallax is a type of effect applied to the speed and movement of background images. The bottom of the website is moving at a speed different than the rest of the page, making an effect of layers of depth on the page.

  1. Creative Uses color

We will see the use of bright colors but not as protagonists but accentuating details, one of the trends that come and love is the monochrome trend, in order to use the same shade of color to avoid distractions.

  1. The power of interactivity

Not only sail, we interact with the web, suit our tastes. The power will be greater interactivity and technology in 2016 will significantly improve.

  1. Minimalism

Rooted in the artistic movement after World War II, minimalism has re-emerged as a powerful technique in web design modern. Embodying the concept of less is more, the sites minimalist spaces used negative s, fonts unadorned, and items scattered. In 2016 we will see this modern trend lot.

  1. Welcome endless scrolls

The scrolls will be longer than a day without bread, this resource powered by the domination of the use of mobile and tablets. In short, the smaller the screen, the higher will be the displacement. This will be a challenge in design and we are raising more creative narrative techniques.

We hope you liked the upcoming trends by our thinking minds and enjoy the views that we offer.

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