As the year draws close to an end, the web development industry has seen significant growths. New technologies have emerged; mobile devices have become more important for browsing and browsers have become more complex. 2015 saw a broad variety of trends start emerging in terms of web design. Here is a look at some of the main advances in web development so far in 2015:


Websites as applications – The change towards a more responsive web development approach has completely re imagined the idea of web pages. Websites today function more like web applications since they integrate many different technologies such as marketing automation, CRM software, e-commerce and email newsletters among other features. Thus, the way website designers think has also changed, since instead of designing web page templates, the focus is now designing complex web systems that are more interactive.


Better usability testing – Conventionally, user testing was considered as an afterthought, as it is usually tedious, costly, and only reserved for complex websites with extended timelines. However, the kind of insight that you derive from watching selected people use your app or website can be very important. The services and tools for performing user testing during web development have become less expensive and easier. Web makers will now be able to undertake thorough testing to ensure that their work is meeting the real needs of the people.


Lots of animation – Today, the internet is filled with introductions and tutorials about animation as well as technical walkthroughs. Very few features of web development can have a huge impact on client delight as well designed animation. Implementing animation in web design is now more rampant as people move away from simple flash content. There are even software options available that make it easier to start experimenting with animations for web design


Creative web forms – When considering the actual interaction on the internet, which is to capture and to respond to user input, the use of forms is invaluable. Sure, you can have glowing buttons or menus that fly out, but that is generally the interactive aspect of the web development. It is actually puzzling that most of the web forms from contact, checkout and login still behave and like they did in the 1990s. Animation is helping to convert dull but essential data entry requests into more delightful experiences.


As more people continue using their mobile devices for browsing the web, web development must continue using a responsive approach to ensure compatibility across all devices. If you need further details on any of the above-mentioned trends, is glad to oblige. Contact us today and let us see how we can help you or your business grow and succeed online.

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